Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pancakes with Sorrel, Sea Beet, and Feta

A few days ago, we went for a wander along the coastal path by Mawnam Church. 

The first part of the path is currently made out of sorrel, so we picked quite a lot.  Leo mostly just ate it (although I stopped him after a bit because Sorrel is a diuretic, and for someone trying to get the hang of using a potty, that just aint cricket):

We also found a lot of Sea Beet in the pretty little cove made of skimming stones, by a sign saying "Private Property: Keep to the Path".  Wankers.  

With a back pack full of foliage, I felt completely prepared for this years wild pancake day, and went home feeling slightly smug.
Back home, I could only find buckwheat flour in the cupboard, so used that to make a kind of blini batter (as per the instructions on the packet, ish).  Now, I know that the first pancake is always shit, but my first pancake tasted like a soggy doughnut rescued from a gutter.  In my excitement, I still ate some of it, but decided to leave the remaining frying and flipping to Anna, who is better at that kind of thing (apparently you don't need the 3 gallons of oil that I used).

For the filling, I fried half a red onion, added some garlic, added a bunch of sea beet and sorrel (previously steamed) then some feta, mixed it all up, and dolloped it on top of the (perfect) blinis that Anna made.  Damn fine, highly recommended:

The garnish was chickweed and hairy bittercress.  Not sure what that was supposed to be doing, apart from looking quite nice.


  1. Your little one is very cute. And don't worry about your first first one always tastes and looks odd too...hehe.

  2. Thanks!...
    I've just realised how disgusting the dish above looks - I seem to remember the pancake filling looking a bit more like food than it does here.

  3. This dish looks very healthy. Cute baby!!