Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Off the Beeten Track

This is definitely my favourite time of year: crisp, clean air, warm sunshine (occasionally) and more dogs than people on the beach: Leo, my 2 year old assistant, wants to make friends with everyone he meets.  I, however, don't.

I like going to the beach to walk, sit, surf...and occasionally fill a bag with sea beet:

I love this stuff - it seems to be available all year, often in huge patches, and it tastes a bit like Chard.  I use it instead of Spinach, and it often ends up in my assistant's omelette or pasta, which in turn occasionally end up in his mouth. Today, I was pleased to note that my assistant spotted some before I did, and even got stuck in and helped me pick it.

We picked a Good few handfuls, which I decided to make into a quiche adapted from a basic recipe, as follows:

1 Ready made shorrcrust pastry (couldn't be arsed)
2 6 eggs
3 250g grated cheddar
4 Few handfuls of sea beet, chopped up some
5 250ml double cream
6 120 ml milk
7 salt and pepper

1 Roll out pastry (what a pain in the arse) and line a 25cm quiche thing with it.
2 Sprinkle grated cheddar and sea beet on it
3 Mix the other things together, then pour them over the cheese and sea beet.
4 Bake in an oven (160 degrees) til it's done.

It was bloody lush:

And this blog is proving to be a good excuse to practice my food porn photography.

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